Useful websites

Historic England and the British Geological Survey's Strategic Stone Study is a county-by-county GIS database of important building stones and stone buildings. It includes several Reigate Stone quarry locations and initial data to link stone from these quarries to specific buildings. More data on Reigate Stone needs to be integrated in the GIS, but the associated Building Stone Atlas for Surrey includes more detailed information on Reigate Stone distribution.

The website of the Croyden Caving Club published Martin Hatton's MA dissertation in Archaeology undertaken at Birkbeck College (2001) "The exploitation, distribution and use in buildings of Reigate Stone". Part 1 covers mainly the quarrying of the stone, part 2 covers transportation and construction.

Reigate Stone is included in the University of Southamptons's Stone in Archaeology Database. The database includes thin section micrographs and other information for identifying and catagorising building stones.

A report of MCCM's Reigate Stone HCT conservation trials (2002).